Hello folks, I seem to have an issue here. I have my original discs for nwn 2 and storm of zehir. I am trying to install them, and I finally got nwn 2 to install, but when it tries to update, it goes to atari, then says there is an issue and go to support, but I can’t find atari support. It takes me to some billionaire site. Does anyone have any ideas? It would suck to have to buy the online games when I have already bought them and have my keys. Thank you if you have time.

Go here and download the patches you need - Official NWN2 Patches – Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault (

@Fester_Pot - what’s the chance of moving all this stuff over to the main Vault?

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Yeah, those links to the patches don’t work from the original vault site.

@Develion - I would highly recommend you buying the game on GoG instead. It’s worth it. I also have all the original discs but I bought it on GoG anyway. It’s so much easier to install with that. Even though you might think, and rightly so, that you have already bought the game, that game was optimized for Win XP and so to get something that works for newer operating systems…well, then it’s easier to go with GoG.

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@Pstemarie @Fester_Pot I think that list has been transfered here

Patch Catalog | The Neverwinter Vault


tl;dr buy the game from GoG …

the disks+SoZ have to be updated manually. (it’s what i run)

After the game is installed and you’ve confirmed it runs … look for a sequence of patches here

Patch Catalog | The Neverwinter Vault

(note the dropdowns and Apply button along the top)

Then you’ll need the NWN2 Patcher by tnt220

NWN2 Patcher by tnt220 | The Neverwinter Vault

also of note: NWN2Versionchecker by tnt220

NWN2Versionchecker | The Neverwinter Vault

(if things come to that, but it shouldn’t)

here’s a screenshot of my archive … it’s just to show what you’ll be dealing with …

the final (fully updated) version is 1.23.1765

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What does this mean? Sorry, I’m not good at abbrevations…

it’s an internet colloquialism : too long; didn’t read

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Get the version. It’s usually on sale this weekend (Independence Day for the USA). I’m surprised it’s not on sale, yet. Anyway, you’ll have fewer headaches (saving money on aspirin) and you’ll get MotB and MoW.

If your going to install using the discs, here’s some info. Install the DVD/CD version, then, immediately install SoZ on top. The SoZ disc will upgrade NWN2 to the latest version available when SoZ was released (I believe 1.20). This means a whole lot less downloading of files.

There’s a way to install the remaining patches manually, but kevl’s suggestion of using the patcher is solid, too.



If you do use the discs and patch the whole thing then before you do anything go to where it got installed on your computer ( probably C program Files 86 ) and copy the whole Neverwinter Nights 2 folder to anywhere. Then move it onto an external drive or disc or even a folder named something different in your documents.

Then you will have a ready patched version of the game waiting for you if you need it.


I can get it to patch all the way up, but after 1.2…it won’t play LOL.

What happens? Is there just a black screen and all you can see is the cursor?

I believe my disk is scratched for the storm part, I keep getting a disk redundancy error and then it would make me start from scratch, so I will just buy it new again…