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I small topic where I collect all the unhealthy ideas I’m working on.


I’ve just made all the tiles of the cep rural grass compatible with swimming, starting with the fact that the tiles of the rural standard are the same even that tileset works.

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I did not know this, thanks Proleric.

it would have been nice to be able to swim under the bridge, but unfortunately the walkmesh …
I thought to make some copies of tiles with the bridge not walkable but the water is. what do you think about it?
Surely what I will do is a destroyed bridge section that allows you to swim through.





Test 2


Beautifully done Quevy, but “where’s the Helm”?


Are the ships placeables or creatures? Are you using animation, or the new scripting functions in EE?

Very nice work, either way.


1.69 It’s a tilesets ship that comes from here. The river, water and Shores is a moving placeable.



Dynamic Female Kenku



Male kenku test


What happened to it’s legs?



Yesterday I did not have time to finish everything but I still wanted to test if it worked




Those feet look like they could do some serious damage.



Before and after cosmetic surgery