Quick blender question

I didn’t find this information anywhere, is probably very simple.

I imported a model into blender, changed some properties in animations tab.

Exported it as mdl.

And nothing changed.

How do I make my changes to apply? I tried to change animation Transitiontime and Animation Scale but it didn’t work.

Those settings export fine on my end. It should read the settings from the animations tab directly and export them, no need to apply anything.
What Blender and NeverBlender version are you using (I’m on Blender 3.3 and NeverBlender 2.8.44).

Blender 2.93.8 NeverBlender 28-044.

When I deleted some vertices in another model, that exported just fine. But not animations, so I should update my Blender right?

Glad you asked that. Updating from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1 as I type.


Probably best to upgrade to Blender 3.3. It has support till September 2024.

I haven’t checked if NeverBlender works on older Blenders version for a while now. I’ll do so asap, maybe I need to split releases.