Quick CEP Palette Poll

Should the label for the item palette
*CEP Custom Palette > DMFI / C.R.A.P. Tools
be changed to
*CEP Custom Palette > Tools & Widgets?


  1. Would be more inclusive for builders that do not use DMFI and/or C.R.A.P. tools/scripting.
  2. Would be more appropriate for builders that make tools in addition to DMFI and/or C.R.A.P. tools.


  1. Changing a palette label can confuse some people.

Poll will be open for less than 1 day (because I’m 99.5% done with some CEP work), so make your choice! :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Thanks for your input, everyone. This will make it into version 2.65, whenever that comes out.

Why not 2.64? Because I forgot to check this thread for the results (it didn’t show up as new/updated after I posted), and 2.64 is already available.