Quick CEP Poll - NWN:EE Related

Well, it looks like a recently added feature may be the first to cause a real issue with existing custom content working properly with NWN:EE.

As of the latest NWN:EE patch, they’ve enabled the adding of custom races to the character creation menu. This wasn’t possible before, so it wasn’t a problem that the CEP included (basically forever) two additional player races that just never showed up (Wemic and Brownie).

Of course, now modules that have used the CEP forever and were migrated to NWN:EE now have races that many don’t want players to be able to use in their modules/PWs.

I’m leaning toward adding the first NWN:EE-specific hak to the file list for the CEP to block those races. It would only need to be added to modules running on NWN:EE, and could be completely ignored by anyone running NWN 1.69/Diamond.

What do you all think? Here’s the poll if you want to vote (I’ll decide in a week): https://nwncep.wikia.com/wiki/Various_Polls


Would this require both server and client to download said HAK? Or could this be a Server side only solution?

Couldn’t the races just be disabled for players by setting PlayerRace to 0 in racialtypes.2da? This would work for both Diamond and EE.

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It would need to be via hak for both server-side and client-side.

It is a minor change, but won’t be done to the base CEP version of the file because that could mess with existing modules/PWs that might use those races.

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