Quick FRUA questions

hi! so, I’m interested in frua and figured I’d ask here since I’m sure some of u know about it. so, what do i need to do to be able to play frua adventures? i would like to play the fanmade modules. can someone explain for dummies what i need to do? much thanks in advance!

I guess you mean Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures?

Kinda off-topic for the Vault, but, who knows, maybe someone out there can help…

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yes, that. sorry, i know it’s off topic but i figured someone here would know rather than me signing up to the frua boards just to ask this. i did just sign up there though so when the account gets approved I’ll ask there too.

so again, sorry, but i hope someone can help!

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as a former codex resident and a regular at the rpg discussion forums you should know about the dedicated frua thread there: first post also includes a fairly detailed setup walktrough. have fun with the classics :wink:

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thank u Semper! ok, I’m going to try and emulate dos on android and play these on my tablet + mouse and keyboard. wish me luck :slight_smile:

Semper, may i ask if it’s possible to play modules without uashellc? i can load them just fine but I’m not sure if the shell is needed for some reason.

Try the Unlimited Adventures Community Forums or you can explore the vault at Rosedragon

****** Nol’s Installation Guide for FRUA Newbies ******

****** I assume that you have DOSBOX installed on your PC Windows machine ******
****** DOSBOX is a DOS emulator that allows you to run older games http://www.dosbox.com ******
****** Knowing how to mount a directory and then type in “UASHELL” and press Enter is essential ******

  1. Install FRUA from your diskette, CD, or zip file.

1A) The game can be purchased from gog.com:

  1. Make sure that you are using version 1.2. If not download and install the v1.2 patch:

2A) If the version you have asks for a password, download this patch:
Extract the one file ckit-crk.com into the same folder as your FRUA installation and run it.

  1. Download UAShellC from Rosedragon:

  2. Extract the UAShellC zip file contents to your FRUA directory.

  3. Run the UAShell batch file which is named “UASHELL.BAT”. Ignore any warnings about your temp directory containing files. You should see a message saying “Installation of UA editor(s) successfully completed.”

  4. Make your choices for music and sound. When in doubt, answer no.

  5. Another message says “Check files in TEMP subdirectory – they must be deleted or moved elsewhere before you can run UA-Shell.”

  6. Click on the Design menu. The only available options at this point are Show, Default, and Exit. Choose Exit.

  7. Open up your FRUA directory. Open up the TEMP subdirectory. You should see a file in there called “UASHELLC.TXT”. Cut and paste it to a more appropriate subdirectory, such as DOCS.

  8. Now, go back to your main FRUA directory and run the UAShell batch file again. You should see a message that says “Default settings restored.” Click on the Designs menu. The Designs menu should now have more options available. Choose Exit for now.

  9. Next, download a hacked design from the Rosedragon Magic Mirror site. Ray Dyer’s conversion of “Keep on the Borderlands” might be a good one to start out with, since it’s for 1st level characters:

  10. Extract the hacked design into a new subdirectory called “GAME02.DSN”. For example, the path to the subdirectory might be “C:\FRUA\GAME02.DSN”. Make sure all the files in the zip end up in the subdirectory named “GAME02.DSN”, because you don’t want them cluttering up your main FRUA directory.

  11. Run the UAShell batch file again. From the Design menu, choose Apply, then select GAME02.DSN, and click the “Open” button. You should get a message that says, “GAME02.DSN successfully applied.”

  12. Congratulations. All that is left to do now is to press F8. This will start your new hacked design.

******** Let the Adventure Begin! ********

The Shell is used to install the modifications to the modules. Modules which say they do not have modifications could likely be played, but very few were made without using them after UAShell came out in 98 or so