Quick Lerping Questions

Just a couple of questions regarding lerping -

  1. Can Lerping be successfully used with the rotations avaiable via SetObjectVisualTransform()?
  2. If yes, which is the best OBJECT_VISUAL_TRANSFORM_LERP_* constant to use? I find the explanation on the wiki page totally confusing because they are just maths statements (hint I am terrible at maths) instead of an explanation in English.



Yes, and whichever does the job… The accelerating/decelerating ones are probably better to use than another method of accomplishing the same thing. I haven’t looked at enough to see much different between SMOOTH_STEP and SMOOTHER_STEP though. Presumably the one with the simpler math representation might be easier on the renderer, but need dev comment on that.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll file that away for future use because I’ve realised that due to the way SetObjectVisualTransform() works it wouldn’t be any use to me for what I was going to use it. I’ll still use the function, just not the Lerp parameter.

Thanks again for the info.