Quick (perhaps dumb) question: Open Lock DC

This is maybe a dumb question but…What is the difference between the Close Lock DC and the Open Lock DC on a door? What I need at the moment is a door that is practically unlockable at first, but then after an event it’s supposed to be lockable. I was going to do this with a simple script but then I found that I don’t quite know the difference of these two DCs.

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If a door’s “Lockable” flag is set to TRUE, then the rogue can right click on the door to now see a menu item called ‘lock’. Clicking on that allows the rogue character to now lock an unlocked door. That’s where the door’s “Close Lock DC” is used. You’ll notice that the default lock DC for doors is zero. Essentially meaning a take-20 will guarantee success to lock the door.
I imagine the only time you would need to increase that DC is for some quest or something. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used before.
Be aware that if there is a XP award for unlocking a door or container, make sure there is code in place to ensure the player doesn’t exploit it by re-locking the door just to pick it again for more XP, then rinse and repeat. Of course, that only applies to doors that have the ‘Lockable’ flag set to TRUE.


Ok, now I get it. Then the only thing I need to worry about in this instance is the Open Lock DC. I hadn’t thought to use any XP award for this particular unlocking. It’s more like part of a quest where it’s important that it’s not unlockable at first, so I’ll set the DC to max which I think (according to the script function) is 250 and then I’ll lower it to something normal after a certain event.

Don’t forget to “plot” the door or it could get smashed !


Thanks for reminding me. Yes, I always do that to doors that shouldn’t be smashed.