Quick query regarding .2das and usage?


I’ve just recently got back into NWN1 and am building a small PW for a few real life friends.

I’m quite inexperienced with scripts and custom content, but trusty lilac soul has helped me develop my NWScript writing.

I’m now attempting to make a few small adjusts to the game rules but seem to be having a problem.

Example; I want Rangers to not be able to cast any spells.

I’ve used a .2da editor (Excimer’s) to edit the classes.2da and have changed the Ranger’s SpellGain Table to **** as an example, and turned SpellCaster to 0. I’ve then saved this as classes.2da and placed that .2da file into my Overide folder.

When I load up the game - Rangers still have spells?

Am I missing a crucial step.

Once (if??) I get this sorted, is there is a way to build these .2da changes into a module/PW without having to make the players use a Hak / place the same files in their overide?

Many thanks,

Hello. :smiley:

Going by the wiki entry on classes.2da, the SpellCaster column doesn’t seem to be for doing that. :thinking: Try blanking out their entry for SpellGainTable instead.

But also, nope. If you’re editing a 2da file, you need to distribute the edited 2da to the players somehow.

It might be possible to turn spells ineffective via scripting, if you’ve got your heart set on avoiding having a hak. The spells would still be there, though, just do nothing when used. :thinking: A hak method would look much better.

I actually figured out the first problem.

Stupid mistake. There seems to be two NWN Directories, and I was using the wrong Override Folder. Idiot :slight_smile:

Second point, still questions?

Is there a method of attaching .2da changes to a PW server without players needing to have the file in their own overides / a hak pak?


Ah we replied at the same time!

Thanks for the response TheBarbarian, I guess I’ll have to admit defeat!

I’m just certain some of the PW servers I play on seem to have a bunch of alterations to classes, and I’ve not downloaded anything from them. (Extra feats, changes to feats etc etc - I assume this is done through scripting!)

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If you’ve seen working examples of what you want, then don’t give up on my account. I’m a singleplayer scripter, not a PW scripter; if there are PW-only tricks for this stuff, I wouldn’t know them. Somebody else might yet drop by with the answer. Or, try asking some of the people hosting the servers where you’ve seen it being done. They’d’ve gotta know, for sure. :smiley:

If you find out, come shout, please! VE MUST HAS MOAR KNOWLEDGS. x_x