Quick to master feat alternatives?

I’m adapting a race that is a subtype from the human race which mean that it haves all the human traits.

I tested the feat Skilled and is working with my custom race, the problem that i have is that the Quick To Master feat isn’t working with it. Is there any way to fix it or any alternatives?

This is the race traits:

Most exceptional karsites are fighters or binders. Some choose to become monks, barbarians, or rogues, and a few discover psionics and follow that path. Almost no karsite becomes a ranger or paladin, however, and none are clerics, druids, sorcerers, or wizards.

  • +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma: Karsites are exceptionally hardy, and their bloodline gives them a commanding presence.
  • Human Traits: Karsites possess all the traits of humans, except as noted here.
  • Damage Reduction: A karsite has damage reduction 5/magic.
  • Spell Resistance: A karsite’s spell resistance equals 10 + his class levels.
  • Spell Healing (Su): Whenever a karsite’s spell resistance prevents a spell from affecting him, he heals 2 points of damage per spell level. Thus, if a 7th-level spell failed to penetrate a karsite’s spell resistance, he would heal 14 points of damage.
  • Spellcasting Inability: Karsites cannot cast arcane or divine spells, even if they take levels in a class that grants spellcasting ability. They can use spell-like and supernatural abilities, psionic powers, shadowcasting and magic items normally.
  • Proficiencies: Karsites are proficient with light and medium armor, and with martial weapons.
  • Favored Class: Binder.
  • Level Adjustment: +2.

Keep in mind I am a total rank armature and this is just a guess:

But, is there something in the feat “quick to maser” properties that limits it to only certain races?

Do you have to add / remove this race from that feat’s properties/exceptions?

I hate being an armature. It makes me dizzy. :wink:

According to the NWN wiki, the feat is informational only.

It looks to be encoded in race_feat_human.2da. Not sure if it can be applied to other races.

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Yeah, it’s only informative from what i tested, i removed the feat from the race_feat_human.2da and still got 2 feat points.

I just switched “Quick to Master” with “Able Learner” for the custom race which is kind of useful for the Binder class since its haves a lot of powers that increase different character skills and EffectSkillIncrease requires that the character haves at least 1 point in the skill to take effect.

Armatures can be easily positioned though !

…I hate you spell check , I hate you

Glad you got it worked out, though.

Creative solution!

Ah… sure bud. Take care.