Quickslot default action

So, I have these equippable thieves’ tools baseitem which also have unique power/activate property. When added to a quickslot the default action is set to activate. You can use the radial to equip/unequip but can’t get that to be the default action if you just click or f# the quickslot. But since it’s equppable you can’t activate it until you equip it so the utility in quickslot is somewhat suspect.

If I make a shortsword and give it a unique power/activate property and add it to a quickslot it defaults to equip/unequip. You can set the action with radial to change it to activate. But by default it does what I want the other to do.

Does anyone know what controls that? I’ve tried making sure the obvious things in the baseitems rows are the same as the shortsword. Hopefully I’m just missing something?

Found it! It’s the QBBehavior column. Set to zero does the right thing. I’ll try to update the wiki page for this.

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