R.I.P. - Project Q

Project Q is officially abandonware. I don’t have the time nor desire to mess around with it anymore. Do what you want with it. I’m done.


I’m sorry to hear that, pstmarie. But thank you for all you have done for the NWN Community. I salute you.


I hope you continue on in NWN itself, if it brings you joy. Thanks for all the great work with ProjectQ over many years.


Oh no!!! WTF??!!

Any chance of releasing the post Q3 bug fixes as a patch?

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Sad, but still: Thanks alot for all your time (and quality) you put into Q and also thanks for sharing all your knowledge over the (many) years!


Sorry to hear that, but thanks for all you have done <3

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Hate to hear this :rage: I love Project Q. I use it in all my building.