Races of Faerun Mod- A few Issues

Hey all. New Account, but I’ve lurked (and used) the 'Vault for at least a decade.

Anyway, I’ll get right to it- I installed the ‘Races of Faerun’ mod & have two main problems. The first might fix the second.

1.) I cannot find a link to the latest version (2.3) on the mod’s page. It is not listed under ‘Files’. Am I missing something?

2.) The version that is linked, when installed, only partially works. All the text entries for the various races work, but only a small fraction have visible models. Those that do display, are playable. I’ve played as a Bugbear with no issue. However, models like a Lizardfolk, do not display and starting a game with an invisible race will crash the game hard. (Not surprising)

Any ideas? Perhaps the latest version will fix the model issue (though I doubt it), but I would at least like to know if I’m just blind! :slight_smile:

A link to the project page here might be useful for attempting to sort this out.


Not a problem. I did check the history, nothing specific like this was mentioned.

Another interesting thing is that though races like Lizardfolk are invisible (and so unplayable), the NPC models that DO show up in the game are now changed to reflect their ‘PC’ status (I.E. they all now wear clothes.)


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Not sure here if v2.2.1 is required as an installation, then the other files overwrite some of those files to update it to v2.3?

Even the original minded data only has v2.2.1 listed.


I thought that was possible as well, so I did copy over the individual files listed & installed them, no difference. But thanks for at least confirming I’m not the only one that doesn’t see a link for 2.3. :slight_smile:

I’m away from my gaming rig for a while.

I noticed NWN2 version 1.22 is listed on the Races of Faerun Mod page.

Was there a change in the tlk file (or other pertinent files) between 1.22 and 1.23 that would conflict with this mod?

Just a thought.

If that’s the case, then this ‘invisible model’ issue is inconsistent to rare, as there are comments up to 2022 & nobody expressed the same problem.

What’s frustrating is it just seems so random. Races like Gnolls (Which don’t even appear in the main campaign) are perfectly playable, but Lizardfolk (which do & as I said earlier, the models in-game HAVE changed) are not.

I looked at the wiki link for version 1.23

And at least to my layman’s eye, there doesn’t appear to be anything related to how the game processes models/textures.

Something to check is the 2da reservations to make sure they jive with any of the 2da files in the mod.

Here is an example of something to be checked.

Look at the notes for this mod:

RacialSubtypes.2da Reservations

Just wondering if the mod’s 2da lines were correct/moved per Pain’s plan.

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Aaand… ZOOM! This topic just blasted past my knowledge of the game’s inner workings. (Which admittedly, is not hard to do.)

My fumbling in ignorance revealed there are 131 .2da files in the mod. The racialsubtypes.2da has a pile of various stats for the 126 listed creatures. Thankfully these .2da files open easily with a text editor, but I see nothing listed in racialsubtypes.2da about a reservation.