Raiders of the lost tomes.- nwn2 module problem

Just at the beggining, in the mausoleum, there is a door that, according to description, has a plaque. Suggestions abound about reading it… well; I’m ashamed to say that I can’t see that plaque and I don’t know how to read it! Nothing works: examine, use, etc… Did I miss something? And where is the cargo!!!
Does somebody know if there is a walkthrough for this mod?

I beta-tested this campaign and I’m sorry to say there is no walk-thru. It’s been a while so I don’t remember that much - it was difficult, but fun! I suggest you try leaving and then go back in.

OK! Solved! Thanks.

George, what did you end up doing to solve it? Do you recall? I’ve wandered around pretty much everywhere in both the Mausoleum and outside of it, and I’ll be damned it I can find the key.

I emptied my override folder before installing the mod again. After that, I remember I could see the description of some kind of message in or around the door… and I don’t remember more than that; nor the message or the way to get through.
Sorry for the slow reply!

No worries. Thank you, though! I’ll see if reinstalling the mod and emptying the overrides brings something new for me, and if it does I’ll post what I found.