Does anybody know what data file is used by the RandomName() function?

i didn’t find anything applicable, searching


so am guessing there’s internal tables with consonants like “sk” “gr” etc etc
and there’s an algorithm that determines how many syllables, then inserts vowels …

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I guess it’s same as NWN. The files used for random name generation are the ones with LTR extension. I have found them in Data\Templates.zip. The only source of information I know about the file format and the algorithm to generate random names is the source code of this tool: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/other/tool/ltr-tool-nwn-random-name-generator-editor


Thanks FreshLook. I’m not seeing any strings in the files using Neo. I’ll take a look at the Xoreos project and see if there’s a tool that will read the format.

Ed.: Looks like they have something along those lines:

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If that doesn’t work, I’ve used the below:


Apep’s package has random naming is an option, with you getting to set the names it selects from (there are some by default).

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