Ranged attack bonus hidden mechanic?

Have anyone noticed this? When you make attacks rolls it usually shows like this in the chat log (Roll + Attack Bonus) , the Attack Bonus is the same as shown in the character sheet, i tested this with melee weapons and it always showed the same.

Now for ranged attacks, this Attack Bonus that is shown in the chatlog seems to have an extra bonus between 0-X and i tested this with a character that doesn’t have any feats or bonus that affect ranged attacks, i tested it with a lvl1 character and the bonus was between 0-1 while another character of level 29 had a bonus between 0-4.

The Attack Bonus for the level 29 character in the character sheet was: 21/16/11/6.

In the chat log this changed like: 22/16/13/8 or 25/20/11/7 and so on.

Does anyone know where this bonus come from?

Edit: I think that i figured out. I tried with a characther with 3 attacks and the bonus was between 0-3. With a character with 2 attacks, the bonus was between 0-2. It seems that this hidden bonus is tied to the numbers of attacks that you can make. That’s why my 29 level character was getting a bonus between 0-4 since it haves 4 attacks and the level 1 just between 0-1.

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