Ravenloft Revelations and Ravenloft: Dreamscape

Hi everyone, i’d like to know if someone here knows the guy who made the module below:

I dont know what is the version of the module since there is no info about this and the link to the dev is dead. I’d like to know where to report bugs if found and if the dev could update the module in the future. Any help is wanted.

Almost the same happens with Dreamscape below except we know the version:

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Ravenloft Revelations was made by seraphimsage I think, who also did the Nihil Triology. He retracted his work from the vault at some point of time and I doubt he is still around somewhere. It is quite a pity because the Ravenloft campaign is actually fairly good (a lot of spelling mistakes, companions do not level up properly) but you can take a lot of meaningful decisions and there are some very cool items and plot twists. At some point of time he only gave away copies when you asked him via mail, I got one, but that must have been some ten years ago. I did not play it at this point of time because it was still full of bugs, but I replayed but besides the issues mentioned above I had a smooth playthrough and a lot of fun for about five hours this afternoon, taking the provided sun elf necromancer to level 12. You can clearly see where the area design was redone at some point and where it wasn’t. It still has a certain appeal, a very rustic one though in some areas, such as the garden or the waterfall of sorrows.
Be aware that topics such as suicide and child murder make an appearance.
If you want a bugfix/patch I would assume you have to make it yourself (such as the fanpatch for White Plume Mountain).

Hope this was still helpful.


PS: Anyone knows how the dryad in the garden is relevant?

PPS: For reference


SeriousSams - thank you for your help and reply, your post surely was useful, i intend to play revelations or dreamscape for real once i finish westgate (for the 1st time) i started revelations just to see how the game is and it shows promise (although the camera angles in the judgement could be A LOT better).

I’m replying to myself to know if someone would have a problem with me uploading revelations to nwvault, so far gamepressure.com it’s the only place i know who has it.

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