RE: All my content has been consolidated

All of my content, except the following, has been consolidated to Pstemarie’s Custom Content | The Neverwinter Vault

My original Neverwinter Nights Enhanced | The Neverwinter Vault will continue to have its own page.

All future content I publish will be done through the Pstemarie’s Custom Content | The Neverwinter Vault project page.

CEP 2.x and Project Q have been released.

The CEP page contains ALL versions of CEP up to 2.67 as well as CEP 1.

The Project Q page contains ALL versions of Project Q (that I could find) as well as the TNO SET file upgrade and the /override packs I made.

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Are the aditions to TNO rural castle part of the tno90 tileset in your custom content page?

No, that’s a different work. I’m in the process of uploading QNO now. It’ll be in the Q4CEP Source 7z files once its uploaded - see the /tilesets folder for the QNO subfolder.

I think I got everything taken care of as far as texture references go.

Excellent. As I read you I understand it will be a non override versión of the pQ’s one.

Yes, its separate - uses the prefix qno01 and appears in the list as “Q Castle Exterior Rural” (or some such).

It has a LOT of fixes and some new additions over the TNO override version to be found in PQ v3.1. The biggest improvement is the addition of Six’s Crusader Castle terrain.

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Perhaps you can help me with one issue with Project Q? I took a Fox model out of it for my PW and discovered later in game it is missing appearance sounds. The model refers to sound 45 in appearance.2da yet the appearancesndset.2da from Q ends with line 36.

Would you be able to find the missing sounds please?

Sounds like you have the appearance.2da line from q_!fightingsfx - the optional sounds hak.

thank you, solved

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Won’t be any Q4CEP files as OneDrive ate them all. I tried restoring to an earlier date and the restoration process, in typical MS fashion, messed that up too and now all the files are gone.

On that note, its time for a LONG break from all this horse $%@#

Sorry to hear about that.

Perhaps you can help me with something.

I think you were working with this hak Eurgiga robes with horses and project q | The Neverwinter Vault in q4cep.

I used to have it working fine here (WIP) Lands of Intrigue development thread - #6 by Baireswolf

Nothing has changed in the hak list since then, but since last 2 updates it seems something has messed with the Robes textures when mounted.

Have you encountered Any problems while working with them?

You must be stronger!

Any news?

Considering that his Vault account is no longer active, I’d not expect any updates.