RE: CEP 2.66 Server Haks (Need Help!) - SOLVED

I’d like to get a set of Server haks out for download. I’ve downloaded TAD’s old CEP 2.64 Server Haks, but am confused as to what has to actually be in them.

  1. Would I need a Server Hak version for each CEP hak - that seems to be what TAD did?

  2. TAD’s phenotype haks only have one foot model in them, why not the rest?

  3. etc.

Maybe if someone can point me to a write up on Server Haks?

@Niv to the rescue - thanks! :smiley:

walkmeshes: needed to pathfind

“wok”, “pwk”, “dwk”


script sources: because people want to use this pkg for compilation

templates: potentially needed by scripts and other templates
“uti”, “utc”, “utp”, “ssf”, “uts”, “utt”, “ute”, “utm”, “dlg”, “utw”, “utd”

palette data

config data

tileset data
“ini”, “set”