RE: CEP 2.67 Released

CEP 2.67 has been released on the Vault and to the Steam Workshop.

This will be the last update needed for CEP 2 for some time as continued development on the EE seems to have stopped for the time being (see the patch notes for it). This also concludes my involvement with CEP. Both Project Q and CEP have been released from my curation.

New Builders looking to make a module with CEP should take a look at the CEP 3.01 The Community Expansion Pack | The Neverwinter Vault strain.

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nice. now with CEP 3.01, do you just add that to the latest version of CEP 2, above all the custom HAK PAKs of CEP 2? to me it seemed CEP 3.01 was missing import .erf files and I think a TLK file so thought maybe CEP 3 was just to add above all CEP 2 content in the toolset. :smiley:

Follow the instructions Winternite posted on the CEP3 Project Page.