RE: World Map Oddities

So, I’ve been working on a new SP module and have ported over my world map interface from an earlier wip. The last time I worked with the world map - back in January - the interface worked great. Now however, I’m experiencing a few minor visual anomalies that weren’t present before.

2. I use cutscene mode to limit the PC’s actions while using the world map. Cutscene mode used to store the camera on entry and restore it on exit from cutscene mode. Now the camera doesn’t get restored. I even tried manually storing the camera facing then restoring it - still not working. Has something changed with these camera facing functions?


1. I made labels for the map icons because the floaty text was too small and didn’t show up well. Each icon has an empty field for the “name” parameter which used to prevent the popup name bubble from appearing when you hovered the mouse over the icon. Now an empty text bubble appears. Anyway to get rid of that?

3. I have an icon I use to mark the PC’s location on the world map. For some reason, if the PC location icon overlaps another map icon, you can see the transparent portion of the icon as if its being rendered. This did not happen before. Any ideas what’s causing this?

Re. Number 3 - Are the model’s shadows on?


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That takes care of #3 - ty

[EDIT] Solved (sort of) #1 - “bubble text” setting needs to be either “off” or “text only.” Wonder if there is a scripting function to override the player’s setting for that feature.

[#1 Again] Thanks to Daz over on Discord - who showed me how to make text in the popup bubble white, I’ve been able to remove the labels from the icons’ mdl files. Now, when you’re on the world map, all the icons have no names until you hover over one. The exit and help buttons still popup a blank text bubble, but I’ve been able to move it so it doesn’t obscure the button too bad.

#2 has been resolved - had to add a 0.1f delay before turning cutscene mode off as I was doing it in the OnExit script for the world map.