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Being about to post with respect to an update on D20 Modern hak set changes I thought it a good idea to move to the new forums. I could be missing something but looking at the way the forums work there’s no obvious option to separate out themes of work into a separate group.

Personally I’ve always found it useful to have a section on the old forums where I could go to post updates on the hak set in a semi organised way that would prove a reference for people. Topics created under existing categories aren’t going to provide that as they will vanish down into the either. I can’t see any obvious way to provide a readily visible reference section. Projects and blogs might be a suggestion but they similarly vanish down a list.

Can the Community Forums category of the original forums be reproduced in some way?

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Was there a way around this? Now the old forums are going into receivership I’d link to move the D20 Modern links on over.

Just move it over into custom content. As I see you are a moderator, you can then pin the topic so it appears at the top of that section.


Indeed, but I remember the old Bioware forums getting very crowded at the top that way, plus that’s without what seems to be the potential for members to sticky their own preferences? I can still see there being mileage for subdivisions for projects - CEP being another that springs to mind - but if not I’ll try a work around on a project page.

Only moderators and administrators can pin topics. Also discourse has more than one way of pinning a topic. There is one way in which you pin the topic but for each person who actually reads the topic it becomes unpinned for them. I’d have to do more research to find out more.


I could have sworn I found an option to pin topics you’re interested in as a member for you personally but I’m damned if I can find it now. I’ll try looking too as it would be a useful option to point out to others.

I think you are referring to bookmark which works on a whole topic but is only visible to the person who bookmarks it. In looking at the stuff on discourse’s own boards there used to be an option to mark an individual post as well but that was dropped as being inefficient.


Ahh yeah, that’s going to be the one. No need for me to look now! :smiley:

The other thing is that pinning a thread works differently with discourse than how it works on most other forums. What happens that for each person on here is this. A pinned thread appears at the top of the category it is in. So far, so normal. However, once a person reads all the way to the end of that thread it becomes unpinned for them only. So if they want that thread to be easily available again they will need to bookmark it for themselves. Of course each post in any thread will move that thread back up the various lists.

So it will be a good idea to put a request for readers to bookmark a thread, right at the start of that thread.

Can you have a look here please.