Realms of Ravenloft - The Dying Days [Seeking Development Members]

Greetings Denizens of the Mist!

It is with great hope and pleasure, that my small team and I hope to present to you, (in due time of course), a story driven campaign set in the Gothic Horror realm of Ravenloft. This is a realm of low level, low magic & high consequence. What does that mean?

Soft Level Cap at 10 with a hard cap at 12 (It will be very difficult and time consuming to get to 10 and even more so to get to 12)
Classes, PrCs, and Spells reworked with the lower level cap in mind. Most quests will be focused on levels 1-8
Actions Have Consequences - Everything you do matters. The character matters. Make the right friends (or the wrong enemies) and you can affect the world in mysterious and dangerous ways.
A dedication to Characters & Story - We are setting this story in the Dying Days of Ravenloft, and as such, our world is not static. We have changed some of the core principles of the realms and domain but keep that distinctly gothic horror feel. Domains can crumble, Dark Lords can Die, Anything Can Happen.
Meander through Mordent- Our server takes place amongst the bleak moors and abandoned manor homes of Mordent, where the incorporeal brushes uncomfortably close against the veil of reality.
Watch Your Step - an invocative Mist Oubliette system to be implemented, that allows for Rogue Like or randomized adventurers that may not otherwise be possible with a base setting

So When Will This Server Launch?

We are still quite early in our development process. We are currently working on areas, as well as persistence and balancing for the class changes above.

In the mean time, please visit us at (link is external)to familiarize yourself with our setting and campaign.

More over, here is the link to our discord : (link is external)

What can you do to help?

We are currently looking for an Overworld Area builder (Dungeon , town, and/or interior builders are welcome, but we mostly need someone who can string areas together seamlessly in an overworld fashion). We are currently looking for 2-3 builders to round out our little team.

What do you offer?

I am currently in the position to offer a small monetary remuneration for works rendered over the course of specific milestones. We can speak about this with more certainty through direct messages.

With that said, if you would like more information, please message me here, or on The Facebook NWN Community Page (Jessica Lynn) or in the Neverwinter Nights discord Communities as NearEthereal.

Thank you.