Recoloring VFX

AFAIK, VFXs in NWN are a total pain in the neck to do. I was wondering if there was a quick and dirty way to simply recolour them.

Is it also still true that VFXs are hardcoded in the sense that it’s not possible to add new ones, but only replace?

Which ones have you got your eyes set on, specifically? The VFX that use meshes, animated or otherwise, normally have textures that can be recolored like any other. Emitter-based ones might be set up to tint the particles they’re producing.

There’s a visualeffects.2da where you can add new VFX, and, no, they don’t need to replace existing ones. :thinking: AFAIK the Beam ones still can’t be altered, though. I don’t know about the MIRV/projectile ones like the magic missile, either.

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I was thinking specifically of fire effects, to recolour Green, in order to make it apply on monster death (ideally, the creature should burst into green fire because, you know, green is the colour of evil).
Thanks for that extra bit of insight.

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That shouldn’t be a problem. :thinking: I think the fire ones are all emitter-based, so there should be textures for the particles they’re generating. If the texture is grayscale, then you can reasonably assume that the fire color comes entirely from the emitter settings. Look for colorStart and colorEnd, or in gmax, the “Emitter Particles” section on the emitter.

If it’s not, try this for a starting point:

  • duplicate and rename the fire VFX .mdl (internally as well as externally),
  • duplicate and rename the fire particle texture,
  • recolor the texture,
  • search for the name of the old texture in the new .mdl and replace it with the name of the new, recolored texture,
  • and clone the visualeffects.2da entry for the original VFX to set up one for your new VFX.

Apply via ApplyEffectToObject() and EffectVisualEffect(), referring to the row number of your new VFX in visualeffects.2da rather than using one of the named constants.

Love the idea, btw. :smiley: Additional magical fire effects would be super cool to have.


Took the liberty of making this a Trello card request.

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A long time ago Hugie made some recoloured vfx and then wrote a tutorial on it. That second link is to the rolovault folder containing that tutorial. It is also in the NwN University, a page I do not like one little bit (understatement but I’m being polite).



The re - colored torch needed just bitmap (tga) color change:green torch


Dare I ask why?

I did some work on emitters for TW2 project I am working on. All you should have to do is use Gimp to edit the base texture color. This will change the color of every spell or placeable that uses that base texture unless you change the name of the texture and reassign it in the mdl or whatever spells use, I have not worked with spells yet so I do not know.

One problem that I have found with emitters is that there is no easy way to replace all of one type of emitters in game. Like for instance if I wanted to create a new fire emitter that replaces all the fires in game, I would have to manually go into each and every placeable and tile mdl in the game that uses a fire and reassign the new texture and set up the settings for each emitter in each mdl and create a hak with every one of those mdls in it.

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I do not want to sound like a ass hat, I do mean to say this in a nice encouraging way, but yes making brand new emitters from scratch is a pain in the butt. It is tedious and time consuming right now, too tedious and time consuming. But it is worth it, if you can make your own textures and can learn to look at a emitter and make the changes in the mdl base on what you see, to get it to where you want it, the possibilities are limitless, you can make a effect that looks like just about anything that you want.


I have experience of repeated and frustrating failure with emitters, I know it’s a pain, that’s why I’d rather stuck to a bit of re colouring.

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