Recomended portrait packs

So I currently have the following portraits pack:

  • Portraits Vol.2 -Ladies- by BootsCat
  • Cobra portraits packs
  • Luis Royo Portrait Pack
  • Remnants Portrait Pack

Are there any portraits packs that you guys recommend?
Thanks for the info,

There were once some really good packs from “Adreanna Drea” but seemingly they’re gone?

Newcastle is very large, hare you’ll find most of the common and often used Portaits.

Why they are gone if I may ask.

I don’t know, but I didn’t find them anymore. Maybe a Moderator or other insider sees the treat and has an answer.

Nathyria Angevin
Katia Sellara

Without searching throughout Rolovault, that’s all I could find.


Correct, those two I found as well. Seching Rolo will be of no use since the Packets I’m talking about are issued recently (within the last 3 or 4 years)

There should be at last 1 Female pack (140 Portraits) and 1 Male PP (around 80 portraits)

Found it. I’m wondering why search doesn’t come up with it

It does come up if you write “AdreannaDrea”, but not if you deviate from that in the slightest, like “Adreanna Drea” or even just “Adreanna” …

Very well. The next time I’ll ask you beforehand. :slight_smile:

To be serious, just Adreanna should be enough to find it, it finds the two single portaits as well.