Recommend a module

I am looking for a module that fits the following requirements.

  1. No hakpak or CEP required (I want all users to be able to just jump in and play)
  2. Player Level: 1-40
  3. Full PvP along side with PvE
  4. Hack & Slash: Meduim or Heavy
  5. Multiplayer enabled
  6. Max Players: 50 and up
  7. Min Players: 1

I was looking for a Hack & Slash map, or an arena map with PvE but I haven’t had any luck finding anything.

I think that Good vs. Evil matches what you’re looking for fairly closely? The only way in which it mightn’t match your description is that the PvP is not pure PvP, IIRC you command NPC forces as well as fighting yourself.

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No hakpaks is a tough one. What about just 1 hakpak, or only the CEP or ProjectQ?

Another option is to browse hack-n-slash modules by number of comments (which is sort of an indicator of popularity?) until you find one you like the look of that doesn’t use haks.