Recommend any campaigns that might showcase enhanced edition?

To date, they haven’t touched or enhanced the original campaigns at all. I’ve played through a few older modules, too, that didn’t really show any enhancements. I just haven’t seen much from the viewpoint of a single player. I’m hoping that anyone might point me in the direction of a campaign or two that might showcase some of the enhanced edition features that would be still missing from the original campaigns and any older modules.

There’s a module called “Secret of Saltmarsh” or something like that which uses some of the tilesets as haks that made it into the game now. That’s the only one I know of. With all the others you’ll be lucky if they at least used the newer tilesets from the 1.69 patch which haven’t aged quite as badly, but sadly the majority of new modules often use no haks at all (or almost worse: the CEP). Module builders are pretty much stuck in the last decade or even century. As for the new scripting commands and all the possibilties they offer, I don’t think they have been used at all yet except by people working on PWs. Give it ten years and module builders might notice they exist :wink: Also keep in mind that the new placeables, creatures and tilesets have only been added very recently.

Thank you, @Zwerkules. I know that Savant came back, shortly after EE launched, and had updated the Aielund Saga. I’m planning to give that one another run soon, but I was hoping that there might be others.

Oh :poop: how did I forget about Aielund. Sorry, Savant!

Also take a look at Sanctum of the Archmage. It was also recently updated for EE and uses a lot of Project Q (Six Thrice)'s content.

Right :slight_smile:

As a module builder, I’ve been fairly active in supporting EE in the community, because anything that attracts new players is good for us all.

However, so far, EE hasn’t really delivered much to inspire module building.

For story-telling purposes, a diverse palette of content is central. It’s hard to write about a djinn in a bottle unless you have models for both. That’s why CEP and CCC are so valuable.

EE hasn’t added much there. Although the 8193.15 asset additions are new to the base game, the community already had most of them as custom content.

There have been some nice scripting extensions which are tempting, of course.

EE strikes me as being essentially tech-led, rather than gamer- or storyteller-led. Tweaks to visuals and pathfinding seem to be meaningful to tech boffins, but to me the game doesn’t look or play better, rather the opposite.

Despite Beamdog’s laudable aspiration to be backward-compatible, the reality is that module builders are fighting a rearguard action to conserve or tweak existing works in the face of glitches introduced by EE’s gratuitous modernism.

The hostility towards CEP, for example, doesn’t really demonstrate a compatibility mindset. Some of those assets look awful unless you turn the new lighting off. True, it might well be the result of modelling errors made years ago (hitherto symptomless), but that’s academic.

I have wondered about moving development to EE, as I would like to be more positive about it, but more assets and less breakage would go a long way to help me in that direction.


As a relative newcomer to the toolset, and as someone with no knowledge of D+D, I probably come at this from a different viewpoint than many here. My most recent gaming experience had been WOW. I’d have to say that, maybe not EE in itself, but certainly the assets made by folks on the Vault have made a huge difference for me in the look of the game and my interest in it.

When I started working with the kids in our games design class we didn’t use any haks and to be honest the game looked a little tired (to me), although I ( and they) loved the ease of use of the toolset. What really brought it to life and excited ( if that’s not too strong a word) me was the discovery of custom content. I found out about Zwerkules’ facelift tilesets and they were a big improvement visually, then I came across his medieruralcomp tileset which was another step up and remember creating a small presentation for the class using slides from rural, bio rural and then medievalruralcomp tilesets next to each other. The reaction from the kids was to sit up and take interest and after that they all wanted to use them.

I then discovered @BlackRider’s Witcher materials. Luckily, this was just at the time “The Witcher” started on Netflix. The character of Geralt was stunning in compared with what they’d been working with ( Zwerk’s witcher placeables was another great discovery)and it was modern to them as they’d seen it on TV. So, we started using the area Vizima, his corpulent commoners, Alvin etc. and there was a buzz about the class. Add to that, I discovered the ( not new) Gestalt Cutscene system and all of a sudden they had the ability to create a game that wouldn’t look 20 years old. All they lacked in the cutscenes was lips and lip syncing which I think NWN2 has?

So to cut what could become a long story short, for me, maybe EE itself hasn’t resulted in an awful lot of obvious improvements but it has created renewed interest in the game. I wouldn’t be here if not for spotting EE on a site, I wouldn’t have started the games design class and I don’t know if the kids’ interest would have remained so high had we not had new materials to show them which update the look of the game.

I went back to play the original campaign a few weeks ago ( I’d become stuck and left it about a year ago). I actually found it quite hard to play as the look was so antiquated ( bit harsh, maybe “of its time” is better) . So, I’m quite hopeful that putting these new tilesets, assets etc into EE now with the latest build will in time help to make the landscape more realistic / immersive although it won’t of itself create better stories.

It’s still hard for me to take in the amount of great work that has been done here on the Vault to improve the look and play of the game. An unbelievable community.

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yes, can be done.

truish lipsyncing can be done, or simply lip-flapping ( just make the lips move so it looks like speaking )

edit after the fact : for nwn2

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Thank you all for the suggestions and further insight. I might look into seeing if there are any PWs that have been updated that are available offline, too.

Thanks, @kevL_s. Didn’t know that could be done for EE. Are there any materials on the Vault I could look at or is this all custom assets from scratch which would be way above my pay grade ?

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@kevL_s was talking about NwN 2. Having said that I do half remember there was some cc featuring hands with actual fingers where, in the description, they did mention lip-syncing but don’t ask whereabouts it is on here. I just don’t remember and matching the lips to recording sound would probably be a ton of work to make it look natural.


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Thanks, Tarot. I realise that now.

Yeah, and I wouldn’t even try to guess the sort of work involved, but even the most basic of moving lips would enable more close up shots and tbh half the time my TV has slight audio where it doesn’t match what’s being said! (I know, I have an audio delay button but for me its worse than useless as I end up moving the amount from TV to DVD to Netflix. )
It just struck me having played quite a few RPG games recently that doing cutscenes well was one of the few areas where it lagged behind ( I’m thinking largely The Witcher games here).

One point I didn’t mention before. In our school course, the kids all get a pitiful amount of network space. When we started it didn’t allow us to use ANY haks. It was only when we discovered that we could alter the path to the hak folder that we managed to get them into the kids’ modules - and that was after a rammy with IT ! With this new build we won’t have any tileset haks.

The EE is still in development. There hasn’t been much work on modules for years now. It may take a long time before we get something like that. Last patch just added a whole new lighting system and other new features. I would encourage you to experiment with said features on the modules you play.

Yes, and edited now. Thanks!