Recommend some modules

I would like to get recommendations of modules available as multiplayer that are on the Hack & Slash mood, my husband and I are looking for some, we already got Lord of Terror and Eye of the Beholder.

Also, if there are good singleplayer modules that require DM I would be curious to know.

Thanks for reading !


Although obviously biased, I will recommend my own module, Soul Shaker. My wife and I played it with a friend and we all had a great time. The module has since been revamped to allow a more secure gaming experience. You can also read about it at my blog (just search):

WARNING: This module is NOT your standard affair, but rewards those who take their time to understand its intentions. There is plenty of support information for you there too, including a walk-through. I would recommend reading the manuals. It also requires some thinking, although also has plenty of combat.

Importantly, however, it was designed with co-op play in mind and so will work. There were no problems on the latest play through. Although, I am here for support of you need it.

All the best, Lance.

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Thanks Lance !
(I just checked your blog and it seems that we have a vision of couple and life quite similar to the one of you and your wife, though we’re “only” together since 2006)
We will make sure to check your module.

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