Recommended mods for nwn, not modules

So I am thinking of using cep and PRC.
Are there any other mods you recommend?
Currently looking for a mod to give a custom background.
Also looking for a mod that will generate my character outside of the game.
I am looking for a mod that for example can add custom heads, or all of that is included in PRC and cep.
Thanks for the info,

First off, I don’t know how much you know about NWN already, but just to make sure - you need to distinguish between actual haks and override haks/mods. Are you aiming to create your own module, manually modify existing modules, or do you just want to play? CEP, for example is not a mod that you can just drop into the override folder and use with every campaign right away. You’d need to open the toolset, load the module or campaign you want to play and then add CEP haks to it in the right order, the way that a module author would, and I suppose it could lead to issues, too. If you know all of this already, just ignore the warning.

What do you mean by “background” here?

Not quite sure what you mean here either. You can use something like Pretty Good Character Creator/Customizer (PGC3) to level up and equip your created characters or share items between them. This is pretty straight-forward, easy to use, but it’s still in-game, a module to import, export, manage characters.

Or you can use Leto 1.69 or Leto (PRC version) which are tools to edit your character file or savegame completely outside of the game. This allows for a few more options, but is also bit more complicated and might not even work correctly on your system setup anymore (it doesn’t on mine, I can’t save the changes, while some others don’t experience the same issues I do).

I know of no tool that allows you to generate (that is create, as opposed to just modify) characters outside of the game, but maybe someone else does? Tbh, I’m not really familiar with how PRC works either.

CEP has custom heads, but like I said, you can’t just install it automatically and then use with your mod of choice, there would be more work involved. Generally, you can just drop headpak files into the override folder, but you have to pick your favorite set from the Vault first; mixing and matching different sets gets more complicated, though it isn’t all that difficult, mostly just about renaming files.

Ready sets for the override folder that I can recommend are, for example:
TheBarbarian NWN heads, or
KotOR heads (for humans)

Or, if you want to combine several sets and create your own headpak, I learnt how to do it 1-2 years ago in this thread, which might be of interest to you, too.

While I was looking for the link, I also stumbled upon this old thread of mine which contains some more suggestions for override haks (along with a critical discussion about modding NWN as a player :sweat_smile: ).

My all time favorite mod to this day is still Customize Character Override Hak (CCOH) which allows you to manage all kind of cosmetic stuff, from changing the look of your armor, weapons and shields or renaming them to cycling through all available heads in-game, changing colors on your PC to making your helmet and cloak invisible etc. Really handy, if you can live without the default NWN crafting system (as this mod overrides the crafting menu - totally worth it though, IMO).

And if you’re using the EE, there is also Beamdog’s HD Art pack (with community fixes), though I never tried it myself.

Hope that helps a bit!

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I planning to use the PRC pack updater so that new modules I will play use both cep and PRC.

For diamond i used Neverwinter nights character creator. From the team which website is and .I do not remember from where did i download it from since i reinstalled my os since i played nwn diamond. I remember this one that CC_1.6rc3 was recommended for me since it allowed the creation of character before you the game, since the nwn diamond didn’t allow you to choose custom classes when you used in game character creator.

Like i said it was so time since i played with nwn modding and do not remember which mods adds what exactly. When i played nwn diamond, i did my own search but i decided to ask this time here since maybe i will be missing something. I already have custom color ui and custom main menu background. I noticed also that you can increase the scale of the ui in ee but i still need it to be like 20% larger. Since largest scale is set to 1.5 . I would like to increase it even more. Is there a way to increase it then ? My eyes are not the same as their were when i was in my 20’s. Also my monitor is not so close to me anymore, so that why i like big ui’s. Thanks for the help.
I wanted to thank you for yours replies.

Oh, okay. It seems you already know more than me about these things then. :sweat_smile:
I never knew the PRC pack updater allows you to insert CEP in everything. Like I said, I have no experience with PRC myself.

I think the EE should allow scaling up to 2.0 or even beyond it. It may be locked by resolution though, so maybe your monitor is to small for that?

EDIT: Yeah, looks like it. I’m currently on my laptop with 1366x768 max resolution and for me scaling is locked to 1.0. I think my desktop PC with 1680x1050 goes up to 1.5, but for 2.0 you’d need 1920x1080. No idea why it has to be like that, but apparently, that’s how it is. Sorry. :confused:

I have ZOWIE XL2411P 144 hz 24 inch monitor. It is 1080p monitor.The resolution type is set to borderless window, maybe if i check it to exclusive if will allow something more.

If you use prcc1 it will update your module both cep 1.x and prc; If you use prcc2 it should update your module with cep 2.x and prc. If you use prcc1 it should update your module with cep 1.x and prc.

Max scaling is 4.0. However you have to enable that first in the options (Options → UI → UI Unconstrain Scale).


I didn’t notice it.

So you have mods to recommend except for cep and prc ?