Recommended nwn 1 mods?

So i tried demonheart, gladiatrix and swordflight ?
Any other good modules out there ?
Thanks for the info,

Based on your list you should go right now and try A Dance with Rogues if you have not played that yet.


Will prc module updater break this module ?

Here are some evidence-based module recommendations.

No idea about PRC, but I imagine that other people here know.

Most Popular ranked by votes on this site”

It should be noted that that’s the NWN1 list, and it seems to omit some modules (such as mine) that have builds for NWN:EE as well as NWN1. Here’s a link to the corresponding EE list.

I’m a bit confused by this, though. I wasn’t aware that it was possible to list a project under both NWN1 and NWN:EE, and I don’t see how to accomplish this from the project editing screen. But in looking at the lists, it’s clear that there are some modules (for example, Swordflight Chapter 1) that are appearing on both. Can someone clarify how this is done?

That would be good to know.

It’s a pity that the NWN:EE classification was introduced here without prior consultation. It simply doesn’t reflect the structure of the underlying data.

In common usage, NWN1 is the overarching game. EE is a subset of NWN1, which can be regarded as an edition (like Diamond) or as a version (like 1.69), but for practical purposes could also be considered as an expansion (like HotU).

We now seem to have modules haphazardly classified as EE or NWN1 (or both?) which certainly frustrates the ranking process. That’s very confusing for players, and unhelpful to authors.

Even at this late stage, I wonder whether this could be resolved by a mass edit on the data base?

My preferred solution would be to delete the EE game, moving all the modules to the NwN1 game, with EE as a required expansion or release.

It would also help to have a clear distinction between

  • Modules that only work with EE

  • Modules certified to work with EE and 1.69

  • Modules that are not certified to work with EE but probably do


I am confused as well. I did nothing to mark the Swordflight modules as EE, and have no idea why they appear on both lists. If it is intended to mark modules as EE only, it is inaccurate. At least at this point in time, I would actually recommend that players of Swordflight use Diamond if it is practical for them to do so, as a fair number of EE-specific bugs have cropped up in the series.


How about some mods that you recommend, i am not big fan of large amount of fighting modules so what modules would you recommend with that.

The lowest combat I can recall is Honor Among Thieves, an excellent adventure. It’s ideal for rogues and assassins. Other classes can create diversions to avoid combat.

A Dance With Rogues is about the best module out there. There’s a lot more to it than combat, especially in Part 1.

Almraiven is also very fine, for mages. Again, some combat, but much more besides.

A few of the most popular modules, such as Swordflight and The Rose of Eternity, feature insanely difficult combat, but most are just strong stories with a moderate combat element.


Try these ones that i don’t often seen recommended:

  • Threat of Dreams. Parts 1 and 2 (sadly no part 3 unless the author returns) of this series are an absolute blast to play. Starts with a seemingly normal city adventure then gradually goes down the Dark/Twisted path.

  • Halo of Flies and Shadow from a Soul on Fire. Best of Chris Huntoon’s work. Mysterious story and creepy atmosphere.

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Further to the confusion about EE, I’ve made a proposal.

Let’s discuss there, as it’s slightly off-topic fir this thread.