Recording NWN 1 with OBS

I found out that the CD versions of the complete NWN 1 saga work perfectly with OBS Studio’s tools, including Game Capture without much fuss.

One problem that still remains however, which is a bit annoying for planning everything into a single session for instance, is that the videos for intros and chapters don’t get hooked into the capture tools. I can hear the movies and see them playing on my side, but OBS doesn’t or can’t.

One comment on youtube said to turn SafeMode on in the .ini, though that does not seem to have done anything.

No video is captured in-game until the title screen before main menu.

So, anyone ever find a workaround for this, other than playing/recording the movies separate via using the actual .bik files located in the game directory?

Thank you for your time!

If you are on win 10, have you tried recording via windows key + G? For a little info on the bik file format look here.