Recording players logs

Running a PW in NWN:EE, is it possible to record every players log chat log+data log that logs into the server?

As a simplest option, you can put something like this in your OnPlayerChat event:

WriteTimestampedLogEntry(GetName(GetPCSpeaker()) + ": " + GetPCChatMessage());

That will put things like [Sun Feb 24 20:03:25] Dude McToon: Let's kill goblins! into your nwserverLog1.txt.
You can then extend it to log more stuff (player name, cd key, whether it’s talk/whisper/party), or to format it differently, or to send it to some other place.

Worth noting that it doesn’t log messages sent as tells between players. Logging tells requires NWNX and is generally considered scummy.

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I’m not interested in “Tells”, just wanna know how are the players doing when I’m not connected; i.e. if creatures killed them, if so; who? What kind of role-play are they doing?..etc

I will try to do what you suggested :slight_smile: Thanks!