Reduced to level 1 Fighter the moment I enter Fugue Plane


I’d like to include your fix in Nwn2Fixes… but i can’t get the download to happen (even w/ cookies on)

looks to me like something screwy in the OnAcquired script. Could you describe it, or perhaps paste the relevant bit(s) here?

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It downloaded just fine for me, just so you know. Perhaps try a different browser?

would like to code a browser, one that chalks in at under 10gb :\

Yes, you can use this with a save already made. This fix will simply prevent the stacking from happening again in the future though, it will not fix the previous stacking automatically. To do that, you will have to unequip and re-equip the staff manually.
Don’t worry about the cheating thing, I only asked because I was investigating the potential causes of the bug and I was wondering if editing the player.bic file might have caused this problem, but now we know thaat’s not it, so no worries. It’s your game, you play it the way you want.

The problem is the On Equip item tag script, that script applies a bunch of properties whenever it fires, the unequip related script removes those properties.
Here’s the problem though, when you load the game, the on equip script firest, but the unequip one does not, so if you equip, save, load, save, load, save, load, save, ecc… you will keep on stacking those properties until you get a staff with more than 255 item properties, which causes the engine to not load the character properly when the game is loaded, in fact, all other items are not displayed either in the inventory.

What I did with the fix was simply adding a simple local var check that would not apply the properties again if the item was already equipped, then I added the delete local var to the unequip script to make sure it worked properly later.

I will reupload the script on another website

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that worked better. Thanks


IPSafeAddItemProperty() should work also (it’s more CPU intensive than your idea however)

btw, no biggie but did you figure out what that OnAcquire script is doing with all that recharge malarky?

Not really, I didn’t touch it and I didn’t even take a look it honestly, I just went straight for the fix. :keyboard:

okie doke. /heh  :)

(tbh i commented out the entire OnAcquire here)

edit: I just took a look, it’s perfect for Nwn2Fixes … will get it up in a day or so,

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