Relbonian Chronicles Chapter 1 Revamp Anyone?

Nostalgia had me yearning to give Chapter 1 a play through. At first I couldn’t get it to work, and then it occurred to me that I was trying to play with the latest version of NWN (enhanced edition), and that maybe I needed to rebuild the module in the toolset to make it compatible. While there I thought I’d make a change to something I was aware didn’t work, and am pleased to say I resolved the issue. It involved the telescope on an external balcony of the castle. It was meant to be useable and fire a conversation, but failed to highlight as an object one could interact with. It now highlights as intended and fires a conversation between the main character and his henchman. Although not essential to find, it does offer some opportunities to improve or worsen the relationship, so is a valuable resource for those who stated “I could never get that dam Druid to like me!”. Conversation choices have consequences, and one would be wise to read all options before deciding how to react (particularly after the hard work that went into them, with many, even now, make me chuckle or break into a smile). Converse with him frequently too, as some options only appear as a matter of circumstance.

There’s a shop in Oasis where the shop keeper acknowledges his presence, opening up new conversation branches in the process.

I had great fun playing through again, sometimes in awe of what I had accomplished, but sometimes frowning at the flaws.

So… I started tinkering, and it got me to thinking I should upload an updated version so the current generation can enjoy it, maybe even expanding on it a little and fixing the end movie which is, I admit, somewhat annoying that the game could end without playing it making the cliff hanger worse than expected.

You’ll have to excuse me. I need to go tinker on it some more. I am keen to know if there would be any interest in this, and plan on updating my blog a little more frequently than I have been.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile: