Remaking BMUs Due to EE Audio Bug

A problem with a lot of custom music (including from the Community Music Pack) has arisen as a result of updates to the sound system in NWN:EE. Details on the problem can be found on this and linked threads on the Beamdog forums. Basically, audio artifacts are appearing in many of the tracks in the CMP, and in other music compilations as well.

I’ve tested a straightforward process (described here) of fixing the problem with a simple re-import and re-export using mp3tobmu and Audacity. If this isn’t fixed in EE then this will have to be done for each affected file to prepare an EE compatible release of it.

Since we now seem to have a March 27th release date for NWN:EE, my sense is that there isn’t time to wait for mod-breaking issues like this to be resolved by Beamdog. I’ve already converted some of the tracks for Sanctum of the Archmage and will be doing the rest shortly. I’ll also PM Tiberius Morghun to offer the re-made tracks from the CMP for the update that looks likely to be necessary.

Hm. Thanks for the heads up on that one…
I’ve been waiting until EE was “finished” before poking it with a stick to determine exactly what it is and does and whether it’ll be any significant use to me…
But as Demoness Tales has slightly over a thousand Custom Music tracks, literally, and a BIG PILE of Custom Sounds, I think this problem alone definitely means I won’t be going near EE.
Reworking all those files, and possibly having to do all the Original NWN Music and Sound as well, is NOT going to happen. I just don’t have the time. Or patience. Or a sufficiently gigantic Audio Brick.

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This could be a game breaker for me too, as would the potential for it to have issues with various tilesets. Proleric has fixed a few but I’ve been frightened to test to see how far down the rabbit hole it goes.

I think what I need is a concise list of pro’s and con’s from someone who has a high level of varied experience in both versions before making the decision to spend money on something I already own.

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Does anyone know if this was fixed? I can see no sign of it on the linked forums.

Yes it was.