Remove Activate Item Animation

Is it possible to remove or replace the default Activate Item/Cast Spell animations? I’m on the verge of creating real time jumping, but I can’t even fathom leaving that stupid hand motion at the front of it (after a forced full stop no less…lol). I’m using Kemo’s hover and a move to script, but that body node hand casting animation just makes it look to goofy!

Am I right in assuming that you want to remove the animation for real time jumping, but not for all spells?

I guess you’re using an item to do the jump?


The simplest way is to use a player tool (link to temporary Lexicon location).

This could be added as an item property to your chosen item, if that’s important.

Alternatively, add it to the player’s skin, so that they don’t have to use an item, but a feat, with the option to drag it into a quickslot.

Correct on 2 counts. I want the animation removed but not necessarily for all the Activate/Cast Unique uses (since it fit’s for some of them). And yes the item initiates the hover then the move animations. Are you NWN1 or 2 because the ‘player tool’ option I’m not familiar with (I’m NWN2). Also I don’t create feats (I’m open to it, but from what I have looked at up to now, it’s as hard or harder than spells, and I only modify the 2da currently, adding new entries for speed only- because that’s easy …lol). I use items to basically create a whole new gameplay experience, because other than scripting, it’s the path of least resistance in this unpolished code-mare…lol!

I moved the post to an NWN2 forum.

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Awesome. So, I still consider myself a hobbyist, though I have built mods, haks and created all kinds of stuff for myself in the game. I usually deconstruct existing scripts mods, models and haks and rework them to what I want, even the base game stuff. 1st; Does the player tool you show in the link work on NWN2? That seems the most toolset friendly option. 2nd; If not, I have avoided feat creation, having almost always been somewhat successful with scripting, (tag based), to items. I have modified some spells and feats, but mostly I copy the base script, change it to what I want, then attach it to an item. Is there an ‘easy’ way to create this feat? Someone posted a feat a while back as a ‘dash’ for a swashbuckler, that when I deconstructed, was basically teleport without sfx,which I had been doing for over a year…lol! Currently, similar to a vid I posted on the discord, you can see the whole jump animation. I can do this, if it’s like a fellow analyst at my old job used to always tell me; Explain it to me like I know nothing…lol!, (because technically, I don’t know anything still…lol!)

I’m certain that Player Tool is NWN1 only.

Otherwise I have no idea. Hopefully NWN2 guys will respond, now that the post is in the right forum.

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(in some cases) I want to do this also. Iirc i tried mucking about with Spells.2da


with no luck … the spellscript has →

SignalEvent(GetModule(), EventActivateItem(oItem, lLocal, oTarget));

and it seems that EventActivateItem() is hardcoded to both fire the tagbased script and do the animation. hard to bypass that …

But scripts can also be run from Gui-buttons; and those are not hardcoded to fire any anims


I feel better…if you can’t then who can, lol! I thought as much as even I messed with the node selection in the 2da as well and if you change it from hand it does it anyway! I’ve always wanted to do it in xml, even downloaded one of the easy gui tuts about a helmet, but those are harder to modify than regular scripts (the actual gui set up, not the toolset scripts), even with the xml tool…for me at least). Is there a sort of sand box gui, I can just put my existing script in and wallah? Or is that wishful thinking?

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if you’re willing to compromise. I mean i should make a panel but I use the Examine box instead →

along the titlebar

here’s the xml for a couple of those buttons

	<!-- Instant Slayer, kevL's -->
	<UIButton name="kL_INSTAKILL" x="252" y="10" width="22" height="22" capturemouseclicks="true"
	OnToolTip='UIObject_Tooltip_DisplayTooltipString("Instant Slayer","OBJECT_X","OBJECT_Y","SCREEN_TOOLTIP_2","ALIGN_NONE","ALIGN_NONE","0","0","ALIGN_LEFT")'
	OnLeftClick='UIObject_Input_ActionTargetScript("creature",29,31,0,"TRUE","gui_kl_slayer","target:object")' >
		<UIFrame state="up"			fill="align_e.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="down"		fill="align_n.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="focused"	fill="align_e.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="hilited"	fill="align_n.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="hifocus"	fill="align_n.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="disabled"	fill="b_empty.tga" />

	<!-- Retrieve Associates, kevL's -->
	<UIButton name="kL_RET_ASSOC" x="212" y="10" width="22" height="22" capturemouseclicks="true"
	OnToolTip='UIObject_Tooltip_DisplayTooltipString("Retrieve Associates","OBJECT_X","OBJECT_Y","SCREEN_TOOLTIP_2","ALIGN_NONE","ALIGN_NONE","0","0","ALIGN_LEFT")'
	OnLeftClick='UIObject_Misc_ExecuteServerScript("gui_kl_retassoc")' >
		<UIFrame state="up"			fill="id_animal.tga" /> <!-- ife_SS_recallspirit.tga, ife_SS_spiritjourney.tga -->
		<UIFrame state="down"		fill="ig_y_sseth.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="focused"	fill="id_animal.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="hilited"	fill="ia_retire.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="hifocus"	fill="ia_retire.tga" />
		<UIFrame state="disabled"	fill="b_empty.tga" />

note that in the <UIScene> at the top of the xml-page there needs to be


and to help with tweaking the button positions


(which allows you to open the Gui ingame, make and save changes to its file, then close and reopen the Gui to see the changes)

The trickiest part might be setting up UIObject_Input_ActionTargetScript()

the rest is just a lot of legwork – plus you’ll need a gui_jump script …

ps. The Examine gui is examine.xml – copy it to your mydocs/nwn2/ui/custom folder (although /override works too)

pps. make sure there isn’t already a customized examine.xml (or whatever you’re going to use) kickin’ around somewhere …


@Lance_Botelle hehe

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Oh boy! … Not another one … :wink:

PS: I am trying to make my old NWN1 module EE compatible … function changes and other differences. :scream:

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i think we got this one, Lance

/carry on

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:+1: :sweat_smile:

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Ok…insider humor :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Besides that, this looks workable (All my xml’s are premade, DMI, Vordan, MTT, Uni Comp, etc…), so unless they have it I don’t have any personal ones. I’m sure you are great too Lance…lol! Thanks Kev L!, I may reach out if I can’t make this work.


Also, while I have you 2 LIYOM’s online, I have another ‘opportunity’. I took RJShay’s latest sci-fi character models and created a team to sate my ‘Voltron’ in NWN2 desire…lol. So I worked out how to use the inviso ‘dm’ and teleport anim them away while calling in a big version with the different armor pieces repping each individual character, super sized of course, and that looks pretty good…but clunky. How would you 2 do it? (Not letting this distract you from the xml input if u remember any other extremely simple, helpful tidbit!).