Removing ability score cap

Hey is it possible to remove the ability score cap of 50? Thanks

No one has been able to do it until now. That’s all that can be said here.

Until someone can find that magic number inside the exe, there is just no way to change ability score cap for now.

However breaking the level cap of 30 has been done, with a few fixes needed.

Sorry for the necro, I just wanted to point out that, thanks to Goolander (he doesn’t seem to have an account on forums), the “magic numbers” to remove the ability score caps have been found in the nwn2server.exe

adress 1714940 (hex 1a2afc) default hex: 32 (50)
adress 1714942 (hex 1a2afe) default hex: 32 (50)
adress 1719314 (hex 1a3c12) default hex: 14 (20)

I suspect the third line handles the ability score modifier.
be careful with using FF, those bytes might be signed integers, capping at 127 (and then moving to negative numbers) instead of 255. Personally, I’d settle for a max of 110 (modifier of 50) to minimize the possibility of sheaningans.

Single player values are still to be found.