Removing custom haks

So I have a game world module that I’ve been trying to get operational for a while now but it’s not being very co-operative due to a lot of the haks on it for class changes new classes and other custom content.

The guy I got it from had mentioned that he’d made a hak free version without all the custom content, but he couldn’t find it for me so I got the original.

I don’t have the faintest clue how to do this or if it’s even possible, is there a resource anywhere that might eleaborate on how this might be accomplished? or is it a lot more simple than I think it is?

I was kind of hoping I could do this and then host it on nwn enhanced.

I’m not quite clear what you’re trying to do and I’m no expert but until one comes along . . .

If all you’re asking is how to remove haks from the original that’s easily done by removing them through edit/module properties/ Custom Content in the toolset.

However, that’s no use if the module was using them as it then won’t load.

If you’re asking how you can, once you’ve got all the haks and the module opened , remove the haks you’d need to know what each was doing or again you’ll hit trouble with things not working in the module.

If you’re asking is there a tool where I can find which files are inside each hak then you use nwhak which comes with the toolset. Using that you can open, add or subtract files and resave a hak.

If you’re asking if there is a tool which will tell you what each hak is being used for in the module so you can then safely find a hak free alternative, you’re way above my pay grade.

I’m assuming you don’t have the hak files. Try making dummy hakpaks with the same names and put them in the hak folder. If you open the module in the toolset it will tell you the names of the hakpaks you’re missing. I just tried this and it didn’t work with an empty hakpak. I tried again after putting a random 2DA file (feat.2da) in the hakpak, and it worked. I could then open the module and remove the hakpaks.

What haks does your module use? Also, you can move the haks files to NWSync and not worry about it, if finding and downloading haks is an issue (assuming you ARE using EE).

I am sort of going through the same thing. I inherited a PW from 2011, and the haks were from a very specific time, meaning any newer or older and it breaks, luckily I have the originals. BUT, I’d like to change or update the content with newer Haks.

My intention is to remove the old haks, Build the module, and see where things fail. It is my hypothesis that removing the haks (models and tilesets mainly) will have issue due to the missing content.

So, if the module uses tilesets, you might need to keep those until you replace those areas with ones that don’t use them.
If the module uses custom models (for their appearance), you’ll need to remove those haks and go through every object and replace their appearance to the closest you can find.

IF there are scripts in a hak, doubtful, you’ll need to pull it out and add it to the module.

It may be easiest to do this before removing the haks. Changing areas to use standard tilesets, creatures and placeables to use standard appearances, etc.

Thank you very much for the replies they have been very useful.

I can see this is most likely to be a labour of love, but thanks to your advice I have a much better idea of how to go about it.