Removing hostile creatures points on Minimap

I would like to know if there is a way to remove the hostile creatures “points” that show up on the minimap, because I would like to replace the Tracking feat system with a custom system that tells players how many creatures are in the areas, where they are and what size they are.

I know that there were some nwn2 servers that had done something like that, while keeping the points on the minimap. I would like to remove them, because I think they give players too much information.

I tried playing around with the minimap xml file, but every time I tried making changes, the game just crashed whenever I tried to activate the tracking mode.

As an alternative, is there any way to permanently disable the tracking mode and just override it with a script? (I would have to make the feat dependent on a spell script, but I have already done it before).

I am sorry if something I wrote isn’t clear, English is not my first language.

Thank you!

Yea you can do this… You can override the Script that gets called in… feats.2da or spells.2da I think.

Abilities like Scent that show everyone on the minimap are hardcoded… you may have some difficulty recreating that in a custom UI… although it is possible IMO.

The problem is that there is no script called in. It only toggles a CombatMode, the Tracking Mode. I tried to override that as well - editing feats.2da so that the feat would NOT toggle the tracking mode, setting ToggleMode to **** - but that didn’t work.

I also tried to remove the Tracking row altogether from combatmodes.2da but that did not work either.

Any ideas?