Renaming MDL and PLT files

When I try to rename head models files e.g. lets say I have two files named pmh0_head035.plt and pmh0_head035.mdl and I want to change the numeration from 35 to 36. Very often but not always after renaming both files when I’m checking this particular head model in toolset the shape of a head is preserved but texture is missing and I’m left with mirror-like surface on that head. Why is that? Is there a way to somehow bypass this? And why sometimes renaming works and sometimes don’t?

I guess you know that changing the file name of the .mdl file isn’t sufficient? You need to change all the internal references, too, using a text editor or Model Renamer.

Obviously that could misfire if you global edit 35 to 36, rather than a more precise change like head035 to head036.

With the .plt, you only want to change the filename, not the contents, so don’t let Model Renamer touch it.

That’s all I can think of, but perhaps there’s something less obvious…

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I didn’t know that but I was suspecting sth like this:) Thanks for info!

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