Render PC models in inventory at higher resolution

Would it be possible to render models of the characters that are displayed in the inventory to be at the same settings level that are currently set in game (or always at max settings)? I’ve reworked character inventory to be somehow more user-friendly at higher resolutions but PC looks a bit too pixelated for my taste.

This is how it look now:

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I have no idea if this is possible, but I just want to say that the background image behind the character is amazing. Is this downloadable on the vault or nexus?

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This is part of a project I’m working on. I’ve reworked basically all of the GUI even the notifications windows on net connection, character creation, levelup, whole party bar etc. Mostly for my personal use but I will post whole thing on the vault either way. I have only few things left to tweak. Keep in mind that I created this GUI for 2560x1440 resolution or higher in mind, it will work for the lower ones but I’m afraid everything will be too big below mentioned resolution (I guess UI scaling was too far fetched idea in 2006). If you click on the picture I posted above you will see it in the same size it will be displayed in game. Just check vault in a week or two;)


Alright, maybe I won’t be able to use it then, sadly. I don’t have a big screen, only 1920x1080, I’m afraid.
Thank you for uploading it though. I’m sure many will be pleased. :slightly_smiling_face: