Renderaabb (= render the walkmesh IG) not showing all tiles (80.8193.9) - fixed in 80.8193.13!

Bughunting I stumbled upon a phenomen in EE 80.8193.9. In the chat field I enter:
##DebugMode 1
##renderaabb 1
This should show you the walkmesh and it looks like this:

Now, the same group in 1.69:

This is not a random phenomene. It always happens to the same tile - either AABB (walkmesh) is rendered or it is not.

Here is a larger scene in EE:

At the bottom (black part), a road (variant) tile continues.

BTW. It’s the Witcher 1 rural custom tileset. For the first two screens I built both test modules from scratch = two different modules using the same HAK, so not a 1.69 module loaded into EE. The 3rd screen is the 1.69 demo module loaded into EE.

Edit: And here is one with the vanilla rural set tile ttr01_h01_02 (curve):

Can anybody explain this to me?

Yeah, BD broke it. The last time I used that command was last November when I was fixing WOK gaps in the Q TNO Trees. It worked then. The breakage coincides with them fixing the other aabb command - rendertilepathnodes.

OK. The let’s hope, that they’ll fix it again.

I’ve logged a bug report for it on Github so it won’t get lost in Service Desk.

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:+1: Great! Thanks!