Renumbering heads?

Hi there,
I have been collecting head models for additional customization options for my players, but some of them are numbered in a way in which they conflict with the CEP. How would I go about changing the number to resolve the conflict? I tried to search this out but my google-fu is weak.

  • May

The approach is pretty much the same for all models, not just heads.

In addition to renaming the model and texture files, you need to change all internal references in the .mdl file from the old model name to the new model name.

To do that, first decompile the model if necessary, edit the resulting ASCII file with a text editor (then recompile if performance is a concern, which it typically isn’t with heads).

The command line compiler nwnmdlcomp is usually fine for older models but see wiki for other methods which may be needed for newer models.

If you have a lot of edits to do, the better editors like notepad++ will let you do it in batch - or there is a Model Renamer tool on the Vault which does the same thing.

Be careful NOT to edit the internal contents of texture files.


Many thanks! I was finding kind of bits and pieces of this, but not the entire explanation.