Reporting an error

I encounter the same error every time in my module when I enter a specific area in vanilla tileset in NWN:EE.

When I enter the area and then go to turn my character by moving my mouse to the right of the screen to move/spin the camera (I hope you understand what I’m saying here). The game crashes. so I went to my folder called: “Logs” in my NWN folder. I got the message of the error…but when I did a search online where to report bugs…I got a broken link. This is the error:
nwclientLog1.txt (41.7 KB)

This could be everything. I got unsuspected crashes sometimes with a corrupt model of a character or placeable. Models are not rendered all at the same time, sometimes you must get near enough (or turn the point of view into the right direction).

To isolate the element which causes the mischief, a systematically search is necessary. If I were you, I would delete every object in the area and see, if the bug is still there. If not, then delete placeables only to check if it comes from a creature and so on. At the end, you will delete object of the suspect group one by one until you got the malefactor.

Thanks Mmat.

I will try this…I did look at the stuff around there to see if it was a broken model. All I have in the immediate area is a spawning point and a chest…the spawns are bugbears (NWN generic) and the chest is nothing that could cause a break…I changed nothing in the area and have never had this issue before…now there is an issue. I will keep trying to figure this out. Just wondered if anyone could make out the stuff on the error message above I uploaded…maybe something in there can tell me.

If there are not many suspicious objects in the area, it’s easy just remove them to see what happens. If the problem is not caused by objects, well, the there is something in the area itself. Skyboxes and the code of area-events, especially heartbeat.

To you debug report: It’s hard to make any sense of it wihthout knowing the module. Seemingly, for some reason it wants a container with tag x2_plc_ipbox. So add one :slight_smile:

Thanks Mmat