Reporting Duplicate Projects

For example, I noticed today that these two projects are the same:

There are probably others and because I’m going browsing through the vault looking beyond the hall of fame modules, I’m bound to find more. Is there a way to just report duplicate projects on the vault? Or is making a thread here the way to do it?

Thanks. (Hugs and Cats)

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Seems like purrrfectly :smiley_cat: good way to do it (e.g. this thread). Looks like 2 of rolo’s minions transferred the same module. FWIW, looks like the minion called Migrate Wizard created more tags so, if one is to be removed, probably the better keeper.


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Thanks! @Tarot_Redhand

I wasn’t sure if there was a more purrfect way (as in an official way) to report duplicate projects. As for which should be kept, I leave that entirely in the capable hands of Rolo’s current minions (i.e. people like yourself with shields after their usernames) to make that determination.

Migrate Wizard wasn’t a minion, just a dummy user to which ownership was transferred to indicate that the work was migrated from the old vault.

Otherwise, folk might have thought that the minion who did that work was also the author.

Unfortunately, that kinda backfired, as some people imagine that Migrate Wizard is a real person. I shouldn’t wonder if they have an influencer channel with 500k followers by now :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m well aware of the situation with Migrate Wizard as I was one of the temporary minions that helped with the migration. I up and disappeared without notice when my PC decided to retire itself in that it stopped working… took me a while to find my way back to the NWVault.

It’s why I have vault website karma over 3000 but vault forum karma is probably more like 10.

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Sure, so is @Tarot_Redhand, I just wanted to make that clear for the general reader in view of TR’s minion comment.

Just to clear here. I am not tic-tac shaped and I am not bright yellow either :sunglasses: (but was I in the past…)


Another duplicate found. These have the same old vault ID numbers:

The download files are named differently, but these are clearly the same exact project.

Another duplicate - same old vault ID:

More duplicates: