Req: converting some models from DOTA2 possible?

Hi CC wizards!

Would it be possible to convert some of DOTA 2 character models for use in NWN1?

The models and textures are available here as .fbx : (with or without horse)

Maybe lose the capes if they are problematic?

For my purpose I would use the models with default staff included, no need to be able to show what weapon is actually in hand ingame.

I don’t know if .fbx is possible to convert for use in NWN1?

Cheers, Pap

I’m sure it could be done. FBX file format is a popular format now. It does not really matter what format you come from, they can all be converted and exported into a mdl with the blender plug-ins if you know what you are doing. But I’m new to custom Content so I have not learned how to do animations or creature’s yet. There is the issue of content rights also, but that is with all ports. I don’t know how valve feels about their stuff being used in other games.

Yeah, you can port them. You will have to skin them with the nwn super model.