REQUEST: Can an Administrator here find something for me (RESOLVED)


Could I please get an administrator to go to the old vault and find and extract the Warlock PRC stand alone I had once found on the old vault and upload it here please. Someone once told me that there is that ability to grab something from the old NWN vault.

Thanks…at least an answer if it can be done would be kind.

Who is the author?


Hi Fester :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the quick reply…it was years ago…I don’t recall. Sorry. Wouldn’t just a search by subject (Warlock NWN 1) work? I don’t know how the old data base is organized.

Nothing using that search term comes up.

There is also no Warlock under the PRC entry in the old minded data either. Perhaps it wasn’t called Warlock, but something else?


Hi Fester,

First, I want to say thank you for replying and looking. Thanks bud.

Second, I know I found it on the vault those many years ago. Like I found the Samurai, Deepwood Sniper, Mr. Nathans Psionicist, Giant Killer, etc, etc…I added so many classes that were uploaded on the vault as stand alone PRC classes. But, I also remember that when I searched for these classes I would find them packaged together (i.e. Ninja Spy, Armsman, Crescent Moon Ninja, Battlerager, War Priest, Spellsword, Drunken Master, Henshin Mystic, Archmage, etc.) These are the working classes I have in addition to those mentioned above. Perhaps they are in one of those packages?

Besides the warlock I had downloaded and never got it fully implemented (I stopped playing for a few years and never finished this class and lost some of the 2das - most particularly the Feat 2da I seem to be missing)…it may have been packaged with the Dragon Disciples (Black, White, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Gold) I also had incorporated but not fully as I lost those too. The Warlock and the dragon disciples show up in my choices for classes but they don’t work because I never finished them before I left…perhaps they were packaged together?

Maybe a search for just PRC classes might help? I know sometimes I would do that word search and find small packages of classes lumped together. I’m not good enough in my skill sets to pull classes out of the official PRC.

I know it was in there as I found it on the vault and if you happen to find the dragon disciples too that would be great so I could finish those too.

Maybe do search for some of the aforementioned classes above I got off the vault…it might be bundled with one of those perhaps? Probably be nice to have those classes I mentioned above all back on this vault too if you find them so others can have access to them again.

It sure would be nice to get that warlock class (and dragon disciples).

He wants you to rip off the Warlock class from the whole PRC package for him and make it a separate project he just installs and use.

Warlock as separate project was never posted on vault afaik and from this longer post it is clear he means PRC project and just wants you or someone else rip it off from it and repost as individual class.

We should definitely do that with all of them LOL.

Hey Shadoow nice to get your input. But I did find the Warlock class once years back on its own on the vault or it was in with a bundle with other classes similar to your PRC Lite.

But if you or anyone else could make it a stand alone to upload that would be great. I like your suggestion too making lots of stand alone classes ripped out of the PRC. That is what I use to find on the old vault…how I added my classes to my module.

I made another post on the Warlock here on the forum where I show I have the list of feats on my cls_feats_warlock…I am just missing the Feat 2da which I seem to have misplaced.

Yes if someone like you who knows how to do this (you made a PRC Lite you uploaded) that would be much appreciated. I wish I could find the all the various Dragon Disciples too I found once before).

EDIT: One that works with NWN:EE without the NWNX (whatever you call that thing)

You can try some of these then and see if they meet what you’re looking for. this one mentions Warlock this is a simple merge which may have the feat.2da you are looking for


Hi Fester

I can’t seem to get those links to open.

Just copy and paste them into your browser url.


Top link is for the Archmage class. I have that one already.

Second link is for the Spellsword class. I have that one already.

Third link is the full PRC 33. I had checked the 2da hak. The feats 2da is different from the feats mentioned in my warlock cls_feat I have…plus I had checked this already as this is on this vault.

Fourth link is to the PRC 3.0 CEP merge hak…I will check this…not very hopeful…but thanks

I wonder what ever happen to that warlock and the various dragon disciples uploads from the vault?

Thanks for your efforts bud

Yeah…I just looked at those PRC haks. Same ones I saw on this fault. Beyond my ability to pull all the required stuff out…too much interconnected for me to just add. I would use that one if someone could extract the entire class and all that goes with it and upload it here as a standalone.

Thanks guys.

Found a copy of the class in Grimoire3 along with the Dragon Disciples of various types. Easier to pull it from there than the PRC. Thanks to you all for trying to help.