Request for 1 tile reskin, please

Would someone please be so kind as to reskin the portal tile in the Project Q Castle Exterior Rural tileset to use the same textures as Six’s Wild Woods stonework? It’s really jarring to come across the original Rural portal next to the beautiful WW tiles.

I’m sure that Meaglyn & PsteMarie would be happy to include the reskin in the next release of Project Q.

Thank you every so much in advance!

EGADS. I didn’t even know that tile was in there. LOL. I’ll get it to you shortly. When it’s done I’ll post a dropbox link for you.


And its done. Turns out Zwerkules had a nice texture for the portal in his mines and caverns rework - which is in Q so you should already have the texture (but I included it just in case). Just add the MDL and WOK (fixed a walkmesh orientation issue) to your tophak.

When I get the chance I’ll have to upload this to Q. Lemme know if it needs more texture work.


Thanks for the fast turnaround, Pstemarie!

Definitely a significant improvement! While I was hoping for the Wildwood stone textures, this is close enough, especially the very fast turnaround. Thanks so much!

Still looks off to me. I’ll take a run through WW and see what I can do.

EDIT - Try this:


Gosh, Pstemarie, do you sleep at night?!? :grinning:

This version is even better and it shows in the second screen shot. I’m glad you got rid of the blue tint which didn’t quite match WW. Thanks so much!


You are very welcome. As for the sleeping - for the most part yes; I just wake up really early some days.

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