Request: Front page "recent activity" should be about new forum

It would be nice if the box on the front page with recent activity was about the new forum, instead of the old.
Much easier to catch new posts etc. that way.



??? The new forum lists new/updated posts first by default - very easy to see what has changed - especially if you opt for the dark background…

I might be wrong but I believe paphjort was talking about the Vault front page, not the forum front page Proleric.:grinning:

Might be, but technically very difficult I believe. Anyway as soon as @niv gets around to making the old forums read only, there won’t be any old forum posts to see in there, just projects/articles/blogs etc. and updates to same.


Yeah, a real shame site-wide activity has been lost. But it was voted on so this is it.

@Greenman6220 yes, I know the OP is about the old vault front page, my point is that we can see what’s new here, so no need to cross-post it there (even if that were feasible).

Given that we decided to have two sites, it’s actually useful to have local “what’s new” on both.

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Thanks for the replies.
I wasn’t aware that they are in fact 2 different sites, or tech difficulties in making recent posts on this site (new forum) appear on the front page of the vault. It sounds like you’ve already discussed this earlier, I must have missed that, sorry.

I’m sure I’ll get used to also opening the forum when I visit the vault. I’ve just been used to having the new posts served on the front page, call it laziness :slight_smile:

However, I still find the new forum to be an improvement!

:slight_smile: Pap