Reset Xform Problems

So in a nutshell, a model that is scaled the way I want, is shrinking to a very small size after I Reset xform and after sanity checks told me needed to be done ( a 2nd time apparently as I did this prior to other steps of my modeling to make sure it was done. ), I cannot export until I do but when I do it screws the scale up. I know Reset XForm is meant to wipe scaling and rotation values, but I do not want his, NWMax+ is forcing me to do it however to export my models.

How can I Reset xform but not have my models shrink to tiny sizes and keep my model its current size? O_o Is there away around this requirement?

So answer to the problem is, once XForm is set, just collapse the stack in 3DS Max. Might be the same in other programs too. So far it fixed my issue. I advise save two versions of your model. One before you set XForm, and one after. This way if you screw up you can reload before hand, and if you did it properly, you can be sure its been set properly before export with NWMax+.

So you use the Reset XForm function from (G)Max = the one to be found under the “hammer-TAB” (in Gmax)? That one is somehow behaving a bit strange I found. For NWN I use the function of the tool “NW(G)max(PLUS)” under “Mesh Tools”. That works always nicely for me (also, when I eg. move the pivot position). Object must be set to the “rainbow-TAB” (in Gmax) though!

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